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Dorian Hamilton is Refuged and now in the Light

I am a digital artist and photographer who resides in Stafford County, Virginia. Photography initially developed as a necessary creative outlet about seven years ago and turned into one of my favorite past times. I initially began creating art using manipulated photography but I have grown more and more comfortable just drawing.

I love drawing rural scenes, depicting social order among animals, experimenting with color/texture, and people watching. I am inspired by my family history, the people I have worked with in the D.C. community, "staycation" driving on curvy back roads, and cultural experiences while living abroad as a child. My parents always took me off the beaten path when traveling and this continues to heavily influence what captures my eye.

It is my intent to use my art to celebrate, share, and enlighten others..

Clockwise from the top, vending event in Fredericksburg, VA, more pictures for sale from the vending event, two pictures, "Unconditional Love" and "Sprinklers" selected for display at the Stafford Hospital, and a sample card.

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